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We are the largest producers and exporters of all kind of fishing nets

We are manufacturing and selling all kind of Nylon Monofilament, Nylon Multifilament and Nylon Co-Polymeter fishing nets in Length wise and Depth wise streched of all diameters and all the specifications as per customer's requirments. We are also marketing all types of yarn for fishing nets

Our nylon fishnets are made by the use of high quality raw materials as we place our demands to high profile nylon manufacturers. Our fishnets have very high degree of strength as a result they are very much durable. We supply our nets to the customers in proper time consequently we get very high demands for them

We have Amita make Fishnet machines imported from Japan who are world leaders in the field of Fishnet making machinery. As such, these machines are state of the art ones and we take good care of them through proper maintenance schedules to keep them in good shape

We have a work force working round the clock in the factory that are supervised by a team of dedicated and well experienced supervisors during the manufacturing process. The products are subjected to stringent quality tests as per international standards before they are packed finally for dispatch.




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